Professional Movers

When it comes to moving homes or offices, a professional and trusted moving service is crucial. BEAM has a network of professional movers which have many years of experience in packing and relocating.

At your request, our movers are able to provide industry-standard wrapping and packing services to significantly reduce the chances of your items getting damaged during the entire moving process. From cling wrap to bubble wrap, specialized equipment for items like piano, antiques, fragile items and such, our professional movers would be able to add the extra layer of protection for your precious items.

We have trained manpower handling your items. You no longer have to break your back trying to get things moved around. You can now sit back and relax, while our professional movers pack up your home content.

Depending on your requirements, a suitable sized transporter will be engage, we can do a prior recce to advise you accordingly. A 1-tonne/10-foot lorry is commonly used for small moves, eg. those moving out of a room in a condominium while 3-tonne/14-foot lorries are typically engaged for larger house moves, we could also send several over at the same time to reduce moving time. Manpower also will be provided according to your requirements, e.g. dismantling of furniture, wrapping, packing and etc.

Package Name Storage & Vehicle Size Price Include the following
Roomies 50 sq sf + 10ft Truck Storage: RM360/month
Logistics: From RM300/trip

Ideal for small apartment move, e.g.

  • 1 king/queen bed (dismantled)
  • 1 desk
  • 1 chair
  • 2-seater sofa
  • 10 large boxes


  1. 50 sq ft of storage space
  2. Up to 2 manpower
  3. 1/2 roll shrink wrap
  4. Assemble/disassemble (up to 1) basic furniture
Couples Package 100 sq ft + 14ft Truck Storage: RM700/month
Logistics: From RM500/trip

Ideal for double occupancy 1 to 2-room apartment, e.g.

  • 1 king/queen bed (dismantled)
  • 1 refrigerator
  • 1 desk
  • 1 chair
  • 1 2/3-seater sofa + side tables
  • 10 large boxes


  1. 100 sq ft of storage space
  2. Up to 3 manpower
  3. 2 roll shrink wrap
  4. Assemble/disassemble (up to 2) basic furniture
Family Package 200 sq ft + 14ft Truck (2 trips) Storage: RM1000/month
Logistics: From RM500/trip

Ideal for family in 2 to 3-room apartment, e.g.

  • 3-4 beds (dismantled)
  • 1 kitchen set
  • 1 dining set
  • 1 living room set
  • 25 large boxes


  1. 200 sq ft of storage space
  2. Up to 3 manpower/trip
  3. 2 roll shrink wrap
Additional Services :
  • Additional Manpower
  • Assembly/Dismantling
  • Stair Carry
  • Long push
  • Packing of Boxes

Flexible package. No minimum storage amount or contracts. Exit when you are ready, pay on monthly basis for storage.

For more information on BEAM's professional movers solution or to get a quotation, please speak to one of our friendly concierges on our chat or email us.

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