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Concierge Storage & Space Rental In Singapore

How BEAM Smarter Storage Works


BEAM is a storage concierge offering warehousing and logistic on a mobile app. View stored items and schedule deliveries from the BEAM Space Mobile App.

Our concierge will pick-up, store and return your items to your doorstep, you do not have to visit a warehouse at all!


BEAM Space mobile app on iOS and Android
Itemised inventory in the BEAM Space mobile app
Concierge delivers your items back to your doorstep upon request


Convenience in your hand

Flexible & Transparent Pricing


Storage by Item

Storage by Item - Small Boxes

Small Boxes

$4 per month
A box less than

  • Documents & photos
  • Books and stationery
  • Small appliances & cookware
  • Toys
Storage by Item - Large Boxes

Large Boxes

$8 per month
A box less than

  • Winter clothing
  • Clothing & accessories
  • Kitchen equipment
Storage by Item - Odd-sized Items

Odd-sized Items

$12 per month
Any box or item larger than

  • Bicycles, golf bags, surfboards
  • Luggage
  • Small furnitures
Storage by Item - Pickup & Delivery

Pick-Up & Delivery

Pick-up is FREE, delivery is $16 per trip*

If you plan to change your address, we recommend an upgrade to the VIP account
  • Items below 15kgs per box/item
  • Items can be carried by a single able-bodied person
  • It can fit into our van
For storage of items above 15kgs which a single able-bodied person cannot carry and doesn’t fit into our van, do consider storage space rental below.

Storage by Space

Storage by Space - 15 square feet

15 sq ft

$55 per month
(3' × 5' × 6')
1m × 1.5m × 1.8m

Storage by Space - 50 square feet

50 sq ft

$180 per month
(5' × 10' × 6')
1.5m × 3m × 1.8m

Storage by Space - 100 square feet

100 sq ft

$300 per month
(10' × 10' × 6')
3m × 3m × 1.8m

Storage by Space - Pickup & Delivery

Pick-Up & Delivery

15 sf: From $150/trip
50 sf: From $300/trip
(2 manpower)
100 sf: From $350/trip
(3 manpower)

Dimensions are merely examples and are flexible, it will be estimated to the closest required space, e.g. 7ft × 7ft/10ft × 5ft = 50sf.
For storage of bulkier items and items above 25 kgs which a single able-bodied person cannot carry, e.g. piano, sofas, we offer storage space solutions. Inquire here or chat with us

Storage Just Got Smarter!


BEAM Self Storage
No deposits
Pay per item, price reduces as you take back items
Transport provided , pickup is FREE!*
You don't have to visit the warehouse
FREE concierge service at your doorstep

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