Office Furniture Storage

At BEAM, we offer furniture storage solutions for corporate companies who may need to store away furniture due to the following reasons:

Office refurbishment/renovation
Office move
Excess furniture which may need to be reused again
To minimise clutter and free up space for an expansion

BEAM’s Concierge storage makes the entire process simple and efficient. With logistics and storage integrated in the BEAM Space mobile app, you don’t even have to visit the warehouse! Simply schedule a date and time convenient to you, and our BEAM Concierge will handle the rest of the work. Our experienced and expert movers will ensure your furniture is properly taken care of and wrapped accordingly to prevent damage and dust. We will handle your items with utmost care.

Your furniture will be stored in BEAM’s secured warehouse facility, leaving you with space to do so much more. Whenever you need any of your furniture item back, our BEAM Concierge delivers it right to your doorstep!

Chat with our friendly BEAM Concierge on our website or email us to find out more about office furniture storage.

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