Affordable Storage Space Price In Singapore

Concierge Storage Costs Less Than Self-Storage!


Storage by Item

Pricing for Storage by Item - Small Boxes

Small Boxes

$4 per month
A box less than

  • Documents & photos
  • Books and stationery
  • Small appliances & cookware
  • Toys
Pricing for Storage by Item - Large Boxes

Large Boxes

$8 per month
A box less than

  • Winter clothing
  • Clothing & accessories
  • Kitchen equipment
Pricing for Storage by Item - Odd-sized Items

Odd-sized Items

$12 per month
Any box or item larger than

  • Bicycles, golf bags, surfboards
  • Luggage
  • Small furnitures
Pricing for Storage by Item - Pickup & Delivery

Pick-Up & Delivery

Pick-up is FREE, delivery is $16 per trip*

If you plan to change your address, we recommend an upgrade to the VIP account
  • Items below 15kgs per box/item
  • Items can be carried by a single able-bodied person
  • It can fit into our van
For storage of items above 15kgs which a single able-bodied person cannot carry and doesn’t fit into our van, do consider storage space rental below.

Storage by Space

Pricing for Storage by Space - 15 Square feet

15 sq ft

$55 per month
(3' × 5' × 6')
1m × 1.5m × 1.8m

Pricing for Storage by Space - 50 Square Feet

50 sq ft

$180 per month
(5' × 10' × 6')
1.5m × 3m × 1.8m

Pricing for Storage by Space - 100 Square Feet

100 sq ft

$300 per month
(10' × 10' × 6')
3m × 3m × 1.8m

Pricing for Storage by Space - Pickup & Delivery

Pick-Up & Delivery

Van: From $150/trip
10ft Truck: From $300/trip
(2 manpower)
14ft Truck: From $350/trip
(3 manpower)
Additional manpower: $60/person

Dimensions are merely examples and are flexible, it will be estimated to the closest required space, e.g. 7ft × 7ft/10ft × 5ft = 50sf.
For storage and transportation of larger and heavier items, or special pickup requests please email us here or chat with us.

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