Clothes Storage

Is your wardrobe filled with clothes you haven't worn in a long time?

Our wardrobe is usually filled with more clothes than we actually need, for example, the collection of winter-wear and seasonal clothing that you bought and used only once a year that is now taking up precious space in your ever-shrinking wardrobe.

If you’ve ever come across a situation where deciding what to wear causes you to be late for an appointment, you’re most likely the victim of clutter.

This is where we come in, we're an extension of your wardrobe! Once you have had your clothes packed into boxes or in a luggage, simply schedule a free* pickup using the BEAM Space mobile app (link to app download), and our concierge will collect these from your doorstep and store it in our secured warehouse facilities. Retrieval of your item is as simple as scheduling for a delivery at a date and time convenient to you, so your ski outfit is ready for your prior to your travel, but never taking up precious wardrobe space.

Ready to get started on your Smarter Storage journey? Download the BEAM Space mobile app and schedule your pickup!

Chat with our friendly BEAM Concierge on our website here, or go to our FAQ page.

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