Sports Equipment Storage

We often find ourselves purchasing sports equipment to get on board the latest fitness trend or just to lose that extra weight during a point of motivation. This habit often leads to a buildup of excess exercise equipment at home, many of which end up being unused and taking up precious space. If you're currently using the treadmill as an extra hanger, it is time to declutter.

Why not keep only the essential few, and store the rest away with BEAM! You may just be able to have a more focused and targeted exercise routine with less, rather than more!

BEAM makes it easy for you to store away your excess sports equipment, and retrieve it whenever the need arises. Or perhaps you may want it stored prior to a house move or renovation, a big party, or just during the process of downsizing.

To do this, download the BEAM Space mobile app, schedule a pickup, and you’re on you’re way to hitting your fitness goals for the year!

Chat with our friendly BEAM Concierge on our website or email us to find out more about storage for sports equipment.

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