Traveler Storage

If you’re using Singapore or Kuala Lumpur as a base for your travels around Southeast Asia, you’re in luck! BEAM Storage is here to make your journey lighter, and more hassle-free.

BEAM’s traveler storage solution allows you to store your pieces of luggage with us in Singapore or KL, while you travel without having to pay excess baggage fee all around Southeast Asia.

To get started with BEAM’s luggage storage service, simply download the BEAM Space mobile app, and schedule a pickup from your hotel, a mall or a place of residence, and our BEAM concierge will collect these items for storage in our secured facility. Once you’re done with your travels, our BEAM concierge then sends then items back to where you are.

For travelers coming through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, the shopping is usually irresistible! If you find that you have ended up with a larger load of items than expected, BEAM is here to save the day!

BEAM has partnered with major international courier companies, allowing you to have your luggage or shopping spoils couriered back to your home country with ease.

You no longer have to spend a fortune on additional baggage allowance, or be weighed down by all your luggage. You can now use BEAM’s traveler storage solution and move around without lugging unnecessary load around.

Reach out to one of our friendly BEAM concierge here to find out more about how BEAM can help you travel lighter!

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